Age of Sigmar: Shadow and Pain

Age of Sigmar: Shadow and Pain

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Another excellent way to get started is the Shadow & Pain battlebox, which is packed with models for the Daughters of Khaine and Hedonites of Slaanesh, including two brand-new miniatures.

The Melusai Ironscale is an elite warrior of the Daughters of Khaine who can ignore the effects of spells and inspire nearby Melusai to greater deeds by murdering enemies in Khaine’s name.

The Slaaneshi Lord of Pain is so inured to agony that they have a chance to disregard any wounds. They also allow nearby Hedonites to re-roll hits as they seek to cause as much pain as possible.

There’s also a 40-page book with battleplans and Realm of Battle rules, plus warscroll cards for all the units and a pair of exclusive warscroll battalions. Split it with a friend or get the basis for two new armies – whichever you choose, you’ll be well on the way to carving out your own little corner of the Mortal Realms.

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