BIG MEK'S LOOTED 'FING LOT - Kill Team: Vysa Kharavyxis Drukhari Commander Set

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We'ze looted da pointy eared... [ SEALED BY ORDER OF THE INQUISITION ] 


Vysa Kharavyxis was once a favoured champion of the Crucibael, bestowed the rank of Succubus by Lelith Hesperax herself. Gored to death by a tentacled Mortipod in the contests of the Wych Cult of Strife, then resurrected by her flesh-surgeon accomplices, Vysa hunts new beasts and warriors for the arena, refining her duelling technique against them before they can reach the Dark City – and the show begins for real.

- A Succubus: this multipart plastic kit is used to represent Vysa Kharavyxis – or the Commander of any Drukhari kill team 
- A datacard for Vysa Kharavyxis, featuring her characteristics, weapons, abilities and specialisms, along with a card featuring his background

Kill Team: Drukhari Succubus Commander Set - FLASH SALE - WHILE STOCKS LAST

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