Broken Hearts

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Broken Hearts is a strategic and unique card game that is based on the most common misadventure that we all face: affairs of the heart. This game will test your relationship skills to the fullest and push your boundaries. As you journey through heartbreaks, heartaches and obstacles, you will realize that a broken heart isn’t bad after all – you just need to #bebrave.

Sail through the ups and downs and unravel the mysteries of love itself. Explore the nuances of what it means to truly be happy, whether you are looking for love, or healing from heartache and hope you can #loveagain.

Fall in love in the game, Fall in love with the Game!

As the game progressed, it gets more complicated as relationships with fellow humans get tested to the max because every player need to manage between building relationships and breaking up others to make sure he or she ends up as the final winner. The five unique heart characters have a mission to bring people closer!

4-6 Players, 15-20 Minutes Playing Time, Ages 13+

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